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Manufacturing Jute Shopping Bags

Jute Shopping Bag Production Business


With many governments trying to cut down on the use of environmentally hazardous materials to make shopping bags, jute poses as an attractive alternative raw material to plastic.

Are you curious to know what are the salient points to consider when planning to build a plant that manufactures jute shopping bags?


Many advanced countries with strong regulations regarding environmental pollution have limited the use of shopping bags or non-recyclable shopping bags. Some attach a price to them so that customers have to pay for using them. Others impose certain additional financial obligations to department stores that use shopping bags in order to encourage them to curtail its use and thus reduce waste. As a result of this effort to be environment friendly, recyclable shopping bags made of natural materials have become popular. Among these materials is jute, a vegetable fiber that is unique in that is carbon-neutral and biodegradable.


If you are interested in manufacturing jute shopping bags, here are some things to consider:



The foundation for every business is a market that will buy and make the business sustainable. As a manufacturing business, you don’t make the plant and sit there hoping a client will come to you if you waited just long enough. Before embarking on this business, research and make prior arrangements from retailers, department stores and local businesses that are the most likely entities to need jute shopping bags. Talk to them about the advantage of using these environmentally-friendly bags. Grab a contract to jumpstart production.


Source of Raw Materials

For any manufacturing business, the source of raw materials is a crucial point. First, there must be a source of raw material. Second, it should be as close to the manufacturing facility as possible in order to save on transportation cost. Remember that every cent added to the manufacturing cost will factor out in its selling price, which in a very competitive market like shopping bags, will determine in a large part the saleability of the product or not.

The biggest grower of jute is India. So, it’s either you locate the manufacturing plant in there or buy jute raw materials from Indian suppliers.



Facility and Equipment for Making and Sewing Jute Bags

The jute bag making process is a sewing process. Basically, you should have a design for the shopping bags, a pattern, cutting equipments, and sewing equipments. Printing equipment is another machine needed in order for you to be able to imprint logos and designs on the shopping bags.


Environmental Permits

A manufacturing facility is subject to strict environmental regulations as to location and waste management. Be sure that you meet all the requirements before you start to build anything or you might find yourself unable to continue later if it is found out you are not allowed to build and operate the facility.



Be sure that you will have a workforce to hire for the plant from the place where the facility is located. It is better to hire people nearby than to relocate them as this would mean additional benefits for the transfer.


Date: Oct, 6, 2011

From: www.bagfactorys.com